The danger of cockroach infestations

Cockroaches are a common pest in Australia, which can be controlled but certainly not completely eradicated. There are several species of cockroach, and they are pests primarily because of contamination of food from their droppings and the spread of diseases such as Salmonella, Diarrhea and Typhus. A common perception of cockroaches is that they are ‘clean’ insects and have impeccable grooming habits. This is true only if you consider roaming sewers, garbage and compost heaps as clean habits.


Cockroaches - cockroaches in lake macquarie
Cockroaches - cockroaches in lake macquarie

Other side effects of an infestation

A cockroach can add even more damaging skills to its arsenal because it can ruin electrical wirings and appliances. This means that many of your appliances can either get broken or even become fire hazards. Having a lot of cockroaches also make it harder to store things safely because their droppings and nests are usually found in storage areas where we supposedly keep our things safe.

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Cockroaches - cockroaches in lake macquarie

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